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CHIMEI Green Energy Park

Since its founding, CHIMEI Corporation has always been focused on environmentally friendly and sustainable development. In keeping with its Clean & Green vision, CHIMEI transformed an idle factory lot in Shanhua District, Tainan City into the CHIMEI Green Energy Park by installing ground-mounted solar panels with total potential energy generation of 20 million kWh per year, while preserving the more-than 22,000 trees already on the lot. The result is a green energy park that balances industrial development, beautiful views, a thriving ecosystem, and a lush forest. The park is expected to contribute 12,000 metric tons in annual carbon emissions reduction.

CHIMEI Green Energy Park is a culmination of the company’s efforts in green construction, promoting the circular economy, and ecological conservation.?The Green Energy Park features the following 3 elements -


(1) Green Construction:We opted for steel construction method without using concrete to keep the land in its best shape.

The design team opted for steel structure foundations instead of traditional reinforced concrete foundations. They also chose not to cover the park in asphalt, leaving the entire park unpaved, as CHIMEI insisted on letting the earth breathe and lessening the impact on the soil.

(2) Preserving Trees: Preserving the more-than 22,000 trees already on the lot.

At the initial design stage of the park’s construction, three forest reserves had already been marked out. Additional trees were also planted on the streets that surround the plant. Every tree that needed to be moved was gifted and safely relocated to CHIMEI’s affiliates. There are more than 22,000 trees preserved, total 70 tree species, and contributed to 1,000 metric tons in annual carbon emissions reduction.

(3) Green Architecture: Eco-friendly features on every corner

? The Clean & Green House was constructed using the framework of an old building and recycled construction materials, including the roof tiles. ? The building is engineered to allow for natural lighting and ventilation. ? Conference room tables and chairs are made with recycled wooden crates from our factory. ? Environmentally compliant grass pavers are recycled from bottom ash from on-site waste incineration. ? Rainwater harvesting tanks collect rainwater for turf irrigation. ? Walking paths are paved with recycled railroad ties.

(4) Community-friendliness

? Fences are installed two meters away from the perimeter to provide a green belt for the local community. ? On-site pumped detention basin stores water and protects from flooding during storms. ? The structural design of the solar panels underwent wind tunnel testing at National Cheng Kung University and the Industrial Technology Research Institute. Results showed a wind resistance rating higher than the legal requirement, ensuring that they are safe and reliable.

Smart Technology

The park-wide smart street lighting and monitoring system installed at Green Energy Park consists of motion-sensing lighting, real-time human detection, and real-time tracking with smart cameras.

Educational Promotion

CHIMEI Clean & Green House: the bridge between technology and people

In order to reach a wider audience with its Clean & Green vision, CHIMEI Corporation also built CHIMEI Clean & Green House in the new park. Constructed with recycled building materials, the house features exhibits introducing topics related to green energy and tree science, as well as explaining the company’s Clean & Green vision. In the future, the pavilion will serve as an important CSR base for the company. The annual CHIMEI Science Camp will also take place at the house. CHIMEI believes that the best way to educate the next generation on the importance of green energy and sustainable development is by showing them a practical implementation of these green concepts.





CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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